Another chevron today

I got some nail mail yesterday with a gorgeous pale lilac grayish Essie called ‘Cocktail Bling’. So I wanted to use that and I was fresh out of inspiring ideas and wanted to do something simple. It turned out to be a chevron with the colors that I wanted to pair up with Cocktail Bling. When I don’t have any ideas I usually pick a color and go from there. Sometimes it works, other times it turn to craptown fast. But today I liked the outcome and I also tried something new.

Since my water marbling skills are seriously lacking but I like the look of it so much I thought I’d make a water marble accent nail for practice. And I used Isadora’s peel-off base as protection on my finger as seen on @newlypolished’s Instagram, it worked like a charm. No messy clean up, just apply the base coat around your finger, let dry for five minutes and it’s ready for marbling. Afterwords i just pulled it off with a tweezer. The easiest method I used so far. Yay!! Always so fun to find new techniques and tips.

For my chevron maniI used Essie ‘Cocktail Bling’, OPI ‘This Gown Needs A Crown’ and ‘Peace & Love & OPI’. In my marble I also had Essie ‘Bond With Whomever’ but you can hardly see it. I’m also trying out a new top coat but I will do a separate post about that.


Chevron with water marble accent


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