The elusive white

Do you have any good white undies to recommend? I love to use white as a base, accents, for detailing and everything in between BUT the ones I have used turn goopy almost straight away. When you use a polish often and expose it to air I know it looses some of it’s consistency, and you might have to revive it with nail polish thinner. But seriously, my Essie Blanc was goopy almost from the start and I’ve had to complement it with thinner from the get go. It looks pretty enough when the process is done and I have globbed it onto the nail, because I’m getting better at clean up and I have good top coat which evens it out. But is it supposed to behave like a blob of slime?

I have also used up a bottle of OPI ‘Alpine Snow’ which was slightly better from the start, but it too got impossible to work with after half of the bottle was gone. So I would really appreciate if you have any tips to share or brands that are better just regarding the white color.

Here are some pictures of the progress but I don’t think they show how awfully goopy and uneven it applies. This is Essie ‘Blanc’.

I have to add that I absolutely love both OPI and Essie almost all the time, just not these.

goopy white

Essie Blanc


Goopy, streaky, uneven white


7 thoughts on “The elusive white

  1. Johanna says:

    Många lovordar Nordic Caps vita, som man kan hitta för 10:- på tex City Gross. Har dock varit prat om att det varierat i kvalitet mellan olika batcher, en del får heltäckande snabbtorkande, andra får sådant som aldrig torkar, eller som krackelerar när det torkat. Men hittar du det nånstans, så kan ju 10:- vara värt för att prova! (Och hittar du inte där du bor, så skicka ett mail så kan jag fixa om du skulle vilja prova! :-))

  2. Malin says:

    Vitt verkar vara svårt och det verkar vara variationer på alla för jag tycker att Essie Blanc har vart den som funkat bäst av de jag har testat…. Men jag tänkte prova Alpine Snow nästa gång. Jag har den vita Nordic Cap som Johanna skriver om också, och den är ok att lacka med, men jag tycker den luktar så illa att jag inte vill använda den annat än till swatchstickor… Lycka till i jakten 🙂

  3. nailnewbee says:

    I really do have a hard time finding a great white too ! Let me know if you find one 🙂

    I have tried to thin my O.P.I Alpine snow with Poshe Reviver. It helps a little, but it’s still not the best !

    My currently most used is Nubar White tip. It does need two layers, but isn’t goopy jet 🙂

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