“My name is Olaf and I like warm hugs”

Have you seen ‘Frozen’ yet? If you haven’t I can highly recommend it, such a sweet story with lovable, relatable characters. The cutest of them all is Olaf, the snowman who loves the summer. Everything about him is so adorable and I’ve wanted to do him for a while and seen some amazing nail art of him. The detailed nail art scares me a bit but is so fun at the same time. I know it takes a lot of practice to get better, so I guess it’s just a matter of doing it.

I wanted to do him in the summer, and I just want to pinch his cheeks, he is so cute.

So here he is, chillin’ 🙂 on a picnic blanket.

Olaf Frozen

Olaf in the summer

Before I put on Olaf I enjoyed the sun, since it doesn’t do that many appearances in Sweden this winter. I took a picture of my gingham background by itself since I thought it was cute. Colors used are LimeCrime ‘Milky Ways’, Essie ‘Lacquered Up’ and ‘Tart Deco’. Olaf is all acrylic paints.

Gingham nails

Red gingham in the sun



2 thoughts on ““My name is Olaf and I like warm hugs”

  1. Johanna says:

    Alltså – han är ju bara för söt! 🙂 Har inte hunnit se den än, men nån gång ska det nog bli av! 🙂
    Du är så himla duktig, riktigt, riktigt bra!!

    • majsran says:

      Tack vad snäll du är 💗 Det är lite läskigt att ge sig på såna detaljer, men jag är jättenöjd med resultatet. Du måste se filmen sen. Den är supergullig.

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