Frenchie mani

For my best friend who wished for a french bulldog mani. She has a frenchie, he is the cutest but I’m not sure he falls under the category of dogs. He is more of an old man in a dog costume. If you are in need of horse related things and even for dogs she has a wonderful online store at Hippotique. Head on over if you need anything of the above. Since I moved on from my active life with horses I still find myself buying great functional clothes in her store.

For my manicure I used Essie ‘warm and toasty turtleneck’ and ‘bond with whomever’ for my background with the paws. The little frenchie is with OPI ‘My vampire is buff’ , ‘Black onyx’ and Essie ‘sand tropez’, ‘Cashmere bathrobe’.

frenchie mani

French bulldog


4 thoughts on “Frenchie mani

  1. Johanna says:

    Åh, brukar vara hundvakt åt en liten fransk bulldog, och de är verkligen härliga! 🙂 Jättesöt liten en som tittar fram på din nagel! Gillar!

    • Johanna says:

      Haha, jag håller med! Växte upp med hund, men har aldrig haft egen. Är gärna hundvakt då och då dock, blir lagom dos. 🙂

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