Graphic nails

Graphic art nails

There is a contest on Instagram hosted by @kwalls102 with the theme Inspiration/Recreation, where you take a design from another artist that you like and do your take on it, of course giving full credit to the original artist. I think this is a lovely theme since we are constantly inspired by each other and what better praise to a fellow nail artist than to try to recreate their work.

One of my favorite artists is @lieve91, her work is so flawless and awe-inspiring. And to top it all she is the sweetest girl too. I’ve had my eyes on one of her designs for a long time and I thought it would be a perfect time to try to do it for Karen’s contest.

What was I thinking? Oh my gaaaaahd, she is such a perfectionist where I’m more like winging it. But here goes anyway. Base color is OPI ‘my boyfriend scales walls’, the rest is acrylic paint.

First is my inspiration picture.



And here are mine, not nearly as good as hers of course, but I’m happy with the result anyway. Be sure to check her out on instagram, she does truly stunning work.

Graphic nails

Graphic nails

Abstract drops on nails

Abstract drops on nails

work in progress

Work in progress, I love how satiny the base color looks here. I mattified it before I painted the acrylics on.



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