Gradient dotticure

Today I have a gradient dotticure using two of my lovely indie brand holo polishes for the gradient. I bought mine through Harlow & Co., they have tons of gorgeous indie polishes and they ship internationally. To bad it’s yet another grey day here with no sun. I have to plan my holographic episodes with the weather better in the future. Even if you can see the shimmer and sparkle you really need to experience these beauties under the sun.

The lighter nude holo is ‘Cloudy Day Latte’ by Liquid Sky Lacquer, and the darker brown holo is ‘Mink’ by Cirque . The dots on top are LimeCrime ‘Milky ways’ and Essie ‘Sand tropez’.

Holo gradient with dots

Holo gradient with dots

Here is a picture with only one layer of ‘cloudy day latte’, but you can see the holo a little bit better here.

Liquid Sky Lacquer, Cloudy day latte

Liquid Sky Lacquer, Cloudy day latte

I have to tell you that these indie polishes really are amazing in formula and appearances. These are bought buy me and this is my opinion.



2 thoughts on “Gradient dotticure

  1. Johanna says:

    Alltså. Så fint. Det häftigaste tycker jag är att det inte ser ut att vara ljus prickar, utan det ser ut som om du lyckats göra hål i hologradienten där underlacket tittar fram.

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