Simple stripes

Today I needed a palate cleanser after all the detailing. I did a stripe mani but my tape was annoying to work with, it didn’t adhere as well as I wanted. I guess I’ll have to buy nailvinyls for this too, they are fabulous to work with and I feel spoiled when having used them and then having to revert to regular tape. Spoiled rotten.

For this mani I used OPI ‘My boyfriend scales walls’ (again…) and Essie ‘Cocktail bling’. I absolutely love that color and great opacity too. Two thin layers does the trick. After posting this simple manicure on Instagram I got positive feedback from Essie. My oh my, that really boosts the spirits. So I’m strutting around at home feeling pretty pleased with myself today. And yes, I am that nerdy.

Stripe manicure

Stripe manicure


4 thoughts on “Simple stripes

  1. Johanna says:

    Så härligt fräscht detta var. Jättefin grå nyans. Kul med lite bredare ränder än man “normalt” brukar se. Snyggt som tusan!

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