Gradient squares

This morning I woke up and had dark colors on my mind. I wanted to use the darker shades so I’m not going to be tired of the brights for spring and summer. And what happens? A neon gradient with black squares. Seriously, sometimes my hands and brain are not communicating, at all. I guess it’s because I need the neons, pastels and brights to light up the grey swedish winter. We don’t see the sun much here.

So I used China Glaze ‘Flip flop fantasy’, Dance Legend unnamed neon orange, and LimeCrime ‘Peaches & cream’ for the gradient. China Glaze ‘Fairy dust’ over that and then OPI ‘Black onyx’.

I used @jewsie_nails tutorial on how to use the nailvinyls to create a square pattern. Mine became a little crooked and messy, but I like the idea.

Gradient with squares

Neon gradient with squares


5 thoughts on “Gradient squares

  1. Johanna says:

    Åh, älskar det här! Tänk, jag trodde inte jag gillade att ha orange naglar, men när jag testade trivdes jag mer i det än förväntat! 🙂 Tycker det är himla snyggt med det svarta till dock!

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