Gold white gradient

Chinese New Year nails

2014 is the year of the horse. What better way to celebrate that than to put it on your nails? Yes, that’s right, no better way. And I’m officially the nerdiest person ever. I’m not even Chinese, but I think we should cling to every reason to celebrate something. Cheers!

I did a white gold gradient first which I thought was so pretty that I took a picture of the nails like that first. Colors used are a new white called Nordic Cap which my readers Johanna and Malin told me about. You can find it in some supermarkets here in Sweden and it’s really cheap. It would be fun to find a cheap nail polish that I like… a novelty for me for sure. So my first gradient was with that and Isadora ‘Gold Sparkles’. For my second layer of gradient I changed it up a bit and used OPI ‘Ski slope sweetie’ to add some shine to the white, ‘My favorite ornament’ and ‘Love.Music.Angel.Baby.’ to add some depth to the gold. I’m very pleased with the result, easy but very glamorous I think.

After that I painted the horse aka. 2014 with a black Sharpie. Also very easy. I like that 🙂

Gold white gradient

Gold white gradient

Gold white gradient

Chinese New Year, Gold white gradient


2 thoughts on “Chinese New Year nails

  1. Johanna says:

    Den gradienten. Så himla perfekt. Jätte, jättefin. Vitt och guld är snyggt ihop! Gillar din nailart också, superläcker!

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