Holo chevron

Silver holo and grey chevron

Holo chevron

Holo chevron

I made a quick silver holo to grey chevron, because I wanted to try out a new polish from Kicks, a Swedish beauty store. The polish is called ‘Dry chalk’ and dries to a matte sandy finish. I thought it looked really cool in the store and that it was useful for nail art. But now that I tried it on I’m more meh, it’s too ugly even to be cool. Probably never going to use it again. If anyone reading this wants it, feel free to contact me 😉

The holographic polish is the wonderful ‘Harp on it’ by Color Club.


4 thoughts on “Silver holo and grey chevron

  1. Johanna says:

    Jag tycker det blev fint! Men å andra sidan så gillar jag de småkorniga sandlacken. Och jag gillar att man kan förändra dem med topplack. Och denna kombinationen tycker jag blev riktigt spännande!

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