3D gradient

There were a couple of comments on my blue stripes on my previous post on Instagram, that they looked a bit 3 D. I’ve seen that sometimes when I use top coat between layers and it’s a pretty neat side effect. So today I wanted to do it more on purpose than just having it happen by chance.

For my base I did a gradient of my beloved LimeCrime polishes. I love to blend them together because they are so pretty together and blend really well in the gradient. Today I used ‘Crema di Limón’, ‘Peaches & cream’, ‘Parfait dream’ and ‘Lavendairy’. After I top coated that I did a spotted water marble with OPI ‘My Boyfriend scales walls’. Then I top coated two times to see if I could enhance the 3 D effect for my last layer that was Sally Hansen ‘300 White on’ in another spotted water marble. I’m not sure I reached my goal in obtaining a greater 3 D effect, but it came out like a cool mani nevertheless.

Today the sun is out and I got to take a nice walk with my daughter, who was home from school today since she had a fever yesterday. Today she was feeling better and it was so nice to enjoy a walk with her, just us two. And because I’m a nail nerd I HAD to snap a picture of my nails in the sun.

Sunny gradient

Sunny gradient

gradient with 3D spotted water marble

gradient with 3D spotted water marble

gradient with 3D spotted water marble

gradient with 3D spotted water marble


8 thoughts on “3D gradient

  1. Johanna says:

    Åh vad fint! Lime Crime saknas i min samling, men det ser ut som om jag får råda bot på det. 😛 Vackra lack och sån häftig effekt!

    • majsran says:

      De är underbara. Lite tjockare i konsistensen så man får vara lite försiktig i målningen. Men färgerna är to die for och de är perfekta att göra gradients med.

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