ILNP Birefringence (H)

I can’t stop looking at my nails. Like a crazy person I’m whipping them back and forth to catch different lights, and I’m oohing and aahing to myself. Sticking my nails in my husband’s face forcing him to admire them, and since he loves me and is kind he tells me they are very pretty even when he couldn’t care less. I guess he senses my excitement  (kind of hard to miss…) about this nail polish. The gorgeous nail polish is from ILNP and is called ‘Birefringence (H)‘. It is a ultra chrome with a holographic finish. And if I hadn’t rambled on enough I would say I’m speechless, but obviously I can rant over and over about this polish.

Application is easy and I used two coats with a top coat. I added an accent nail with OPI ‘Push & Shove’ and I’m rebelling and tried a top coat over it. Works totally fine I would say and on day two I see no wear at all, it holds up just fine. So if you want some longevity out of this polish you could sure do it this way.

This is one of these polishes which you have to experience in person, but you can at least see a hint of what it’s like in these pictures.

ILNP Birefringence (H)

ILNP Birefringence (H)

ILNP Birefringence (H)

ILNP Birefringence (H)

ILNP Birefringence (H)

ILNP Birefringence (H)


6 thoughts on “ILNP Birefringence (H)

      • Johanna says:

        Åh, finns så många härliga och fina! Men några favoriter är Smitten Polish, a england, Picture Polish, Mentality, Lilypad Lacquer och Chirality. Men det är roligt att ha några lack från varje, är sällan ute och köper hela kollektioner som släpps. 🙂

      • majsran says:

        Picture Polish har jag några. De är ju helt fantastiska i konsistensen tycker jag. De andra saknar jag helt. Vojne vojne, so many polishes så lite pengar 😉

  1. Andrea Manases says:

    I think these chrome style polishes will be this years HIT, they all look fabulous!
    Your lucky that your husband has a reaction to your manicures, mine hates my hobby, or let’s say my addiction and never says anithing about my manicures, he is not even looking at them :((

    • majsran says:

      I’m sorry to hear that hunni ❤ Mine couldn't really care less, but he knows it makes me happy, so he does it for me. I guess I'm lucky.
      But it's good we have friends on IG and here, so we can cheer each other on.

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