Well, I broke my pointer on my other side too and no tea bag in the world could save me now. I got so mad I hacked them all down. I mean literally hacked… It was not a pretty sight. Short nails are so beautiful and fresh on some and on me – meh. My nail beds are so tiny that my hands look like those of a five year old when my nails are short. Bur I’m gonna do my best to rock them nubbies anyway and make them as pretty as possible.

On that note I painted them twice this evening. Just because. First up is a dotticure with some added bling.


My second mani I just blobbed on some paint and made some abstract flowers. I really like it, it looks like poppies to me. I don’t have the energy to list colors used right now. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

abstract poppies

abstract poppies


11 thoughts on “nubbies

  1. Johanna says:

    Tycker de blev jättesöta! Men det är så trist när de ryker av. Jag verkligen avskyr att fila naglarna, så jag har svårt att hålla mig till en längd – de brukar få växa tills jag blir galen för att det blir svårt att skriva på tangentbordet – då kapas de ner rejält, allihopa! 😛

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