Glitter nails

Before I broke my nails I did a glitter placement mani with some loose diamond nail art glitters from Born Pretty Store item #7303 . They sparkle like crazy and looks amazing in real life. They have free shipping and very good customer service with all you can need for your nail art. If you use my code AMJ61 you will get 10% off regular priced items.

In my design I also used Dance Legend ‘No094 Boo’ which is a gorgeous multi chrome polish that I striped with matte top coat to get even more effect. I like all the elements of the design on their own, but when I paired them together like this it feels Christmassy and old-lady-like to me. We’ll see what you think.

Gold glitter placement

Gold glitter placement


2 thoughts on “Glitter nails

  1. Johanna says:

    Jag gillar färgerna, och som du säger, var för sig så är varje nagel underbar. Men kanske det hade mer “bärbart” och trivsamt med en av naglarna som accent? Himla skickligt gjord dock! Vet inte vilken som är min favorit av dem, ringfingret kanske vinner på målfoto! 🙂

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