Swedish Olympic nails

Go Sweden go!!

Olympic nails again where I’m putting some Swedish emphasis on the design. Tonight it’s time for our men’s hockey team to enter the arena and I’m a little bit excited about it. I’m not a very sports interested person in general, but during the Olympics I can almost watch anything or any sport. It’s a very special atmosphere surrounding the Olympics and when I’m not thinking about where it’s held and the conditions surrounding the games this year I really, really enjoy the games. In the hockey tournament Sweden has a good chance and I could watch the games just for our goalie… ( Henrik Lundqvist from N.Y. Rangers)

picture : Harry How

picture : Harry How

Well, now that I’ve embarrassed myself by outing my man crush let’s move on to the nails. I used OPI ‘Love.Music.Angel.Baby’, Essie ‘Mesmerized’ and OPI ‘The It color’. And I put some loose gold glitters from Born Pretty Store, use my code AMJ61 to get 10% off there. I put top coat on even though the gold is supposed to be worn without, but I like it with top coat too and I needed to seal in my glitters.

Go team Sweden!

Swedish Olympic nails

Swedish Olympic nails

Swedish Olympic nails

Swedish Olympic nails


4 thoughts on “Go Sweden go!!

  1. Malin says:

    Jag gillar att kolla på sport annars också, men visst är det lustigt hur “alla” sporter blir kul när det är OS 🙂 Och vem kan motstå Henke 😉

  2. Johanna says:

    Vem har inte en crush på Henke? 😛 Tittar inte på mycket sport dock. Men det är kul när det blir spännande och det går bra för svenskarna som är med! Jättefin manikyr, gillar alltihopa!

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