Neon glitter gradient

Neon bling madness

I think I’m overcompensating my stuffiness by creating spring and summer manicures. This just happened yesterday; a neon gradient with glitter gradient on top. Say what? It was totally obnoxious to look at in real life because it was so vibrant and in your face. A little bit premature I think. It might need some tanned skin and a beach or a pool, not just pretend in your mind wishing you were there kind of thing.

I used China Glaze ‘Flip flop fantasy’, Essie ‘ Boom boom room’ and Nicole by OPI ‘Love song’ for the gradient. Then I topped it of with Isadoras holo glitter topper ‘Lilac de Luxe’. In real life the gradient wasn’t that visible because everything got overpowered by the neon China Glaze, so this is a rare case of when I’m actually grateful that the camera can’t really show neons. In the picture it’s actually prettier than in person, go figure.

Neon glitter gradient

Neon glitter gradient

Neon glitter gradient

Neon glitter gradient


4 thoughts on “Neon bling madness

  1. Johanna says:

    FFF är ett helt underbart lack! Blir alltid lika glad när jag målar med det. Tycker kombinationen med det lila blir super!!

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