Review of Simply Spoiled Beauty Products

I’m happy to announce that I have been asked to review products from Simply Spoiled Beauty Products. And to you readers and followers I get to give a discount code: mllr that entitles you to 35% off. The have plenty of nail art products and more beauty products and offer flat rate shipping at $5.

My first product for review are these cute little bows that come in different color combinations. They will cutify any mani. Is that even a word? Well you know what I mean. I used it with Drip Drop Nail paint #pink, OPI ‘Black onyx’ and a stripe of white. Drip Drop Nail paint is an indie brand with high quality polishes with excellent formula and very lovely colors and glitter combos.

Simply spoiled bow

Simply spoiled bow


4 thoughts on “Review of Simply Spoiled Beauty Products

  1. Johanna says:

    Är väl inte överdrivet förtjust i sådana här nageldekorationer, tror iofs mest att det beror på att dte känns lite opraktiskt… 😛 På foto gör det sig himlans sött dock. Och sen har du ju matchat det så fint!!

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