Soft spring flowers

On a base on one of my newer favorites Essie ‘Find me an oasis’ from Resort 2014 collection I hand painted some flowers with acrylic paint. I was going for the naked branch with some buds and some flowers starting to bloom. I’m very pleased with the result and acrylics were cooperating with me today. When I use the paints I have started making my base matte first because the paint stick better and it makes it easier to be precise.

Not to happy with the colors of my acrylics though, not enough pastels and some shades are really hard to achieve with mixing. But I’ll practice that too. Maybe it’s time to look around for different colors, does anyone have any recommendations?

Find me an oasis

Find me an oasis

Spring flowers

Spring flowers


8 thoughts on “Soft spring flowers

  1. Johanna says:

    Åh sĂ„ ljuvligt!! LĂ€ngtar till vĂ„ren nĂ€r man ser sĂ„nt hĂ€r. SĂ„ underbart vackert!

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