Lavender nails

Lavender tutorial

So I thought I should try making another tutorial, and of course I chose to do something I’ve never done before. Sometimes I’m just not the smartest… Well I have wanted to do lavender for a while and I was also in the mood for OPI ‘Rumple’s wiggin’. It’s such a lovely light lavender. In hindsight I should of course have chosen another color as base, since lavender on lavender is maybe not the most effectful. Anyways it’s a pretty easy design and doesn’t have to be perfect. Just dab away and see where it gets you. I topped it off with a little bow and let it spill over onto my other nails too.

Somehow I also managed to double up on my watermark in the last section of the movie, but it’s a lot more work to do one of these things than what it looks like so I actually didn’t have the energy to redo it. I hope it doesn’t bother you too much (especially now when I pointed it out 😉 )

I think it’s an improvement from my last video but I still have A LOT to learn. Let me tell you what you think I should focus on and is there something in particular that you would like a video of?

These little videos are up on my YouTube channel that is named Mllrdesign, if you want to follow me there too.

Lavender nails

Lavender nails


4 thoughts on “Lavender tutorial

  1. Johanna says:

    Jag gillar faktiskt att det går så ton i ton. Ser mjukt och härligt ut. Och den lavenderfärgade tonen passar dig verkligen. Supersött!

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