Flowers on holographic

You know I love my holographics, and yesterday I got nail mail from my favorite indie polish brand ILNP (I Love Nail Polish). One of the colors was ‘You’re my boy blue’, a wonderful strong holo that glides on like butter and is totally opaque in two coats. I added some flowers (of course 😉 ) and it’s some kind of apple blossoms I think.

I sort of love it and not at the same time. My mojo and spring mani flow I’ve seem to have been in lately has left me. But it’ll come back sooner or later. But I seem to have found a good lighting set up for my light box, because I’m really happy with how the pictures came out.

On a side note, will you look at my cuticles! They have never looked this good, no nicks or hangnails at all. And I give all the credit to Bliss Kiss Pure Nail Oil, amazing stuff.

ILNP You're my boy blue

ILNP You’re my boy blue

ILNP You're my boy blue

ILNP You’re my boy blue


2 thoughts on “Flowers on holographic

  1. Johanna says:

    FÄr mig att tÀnka pÄ ÀppeltrÀd som blommar. Underbart vackert.

    Och Bliss Kiss oljan mĂ„ste jag prova! Har kört med en olja jag fick som gĂ„va nĂ€r jag bestĂ€llde sist frĂ„n Norway Nails (kommer inte ihĂ„g vad den hette…) och det var bara en miniflaska som börjar ta slut. 🙂

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