Neon pastel cheetah

New tutorial, neon cheetah with bow

Hello lovelies! So while I’m figuring out this video tutorial thing I made one of an easy design, using only a dotting tool or bobby pin and a piece of tape. This is the neon cheetah I did a couple of days ago. I have made a channel on YouTube where you can subscribe if you want too, you find it here.

Tutorial cheetah/leopard (whatever you want to call it):

  1. Start with your base color.
  2. Put your nail polish for the spots on a non stick surface so you can easily pick it up with your tool, aluminium foil, plastic lid, wax paper whatever you can find that works for you.
  3. Use your dotting tool or bobby pin to create uneven dots over the nail.
  4. Take the next color and outline the spots with c-shapes, it doesn’t have to be neat. It will look great anyway.
  5. Fill in empty spaces with your second color and make dots and or little c’s.
  6. Top coat and clean up with acetone on a flat brush around your cuticles for a crisp, neat look.

Tutorial color block with bow:

  1. Start with base color. Let it dry completely.
  2. Put a piece of tape across your nail to square of the area you want in another color. I use nailvinyls because they are so easy to work with, but regular tape works too.
  3. Paint with your next color.
  4. Remove tape immediately and pull it in the direction you have taped it to minimize smearing.
  5. Top coat and wait.
  6. Add a bit of top coat or nail glue if you want a stronger hold on to the base of your nail.
  7. Add the bow!


I hope you found this helpful, I will practice more with these videos if you like them.

Neon pastel cheetah

Neon pastel cheetah


4 thoughts on “New tutorial, neon cheetah with bow

  1. Johanna says:

    Den här gör mig glad 🙂 Underbara färger och superfint leopardmönster! Jag har inte testat att göra över hela nageln såhär, får nog bli ett projekt! 🙂 superfint!!

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