Pink plaid easter chicken

Tutorial on plaid easter pattern

Hello! I decided to recreate the plaid pattern from the mix and match easter mani I did. But I didn’t want to totally copy myself so I used other colors and a softer shades. Here I have Essie ‘Got engaged’ and ‘Love every minute’ from the 2014 wedding collection. So pretty and super soft pink shades. Totally love them, especially ‘Love every minute’. They are a bit sheer, but nice formula and they level out nicely on the second or third coat.


  1. Paint your base with as many layers as needed. Let dry completely. I use HK Girl Glisten & Glow top coat in between to make it dry faster.
  2. Use tape to make the pattern, I use nailvinyls in the single chevron but you can use strips of tape just as well.
  3. Paint the next coat in your next color, remove the tape immediately and pull in the same direction as the tape to minimize smearing.
  4. Take a thin nail art brush and paint little squares where the tape has left crosses, in another color. I used Essie ‘Meet the parents’.
  5. Use a striper brush to do thin lines of another color in the middle of the existing lines. I used white.
  6. Paint the chicken in the middle of the squares.
  7. If your top coat usually smears your designs, make sure you wait before putting it on. With the HK Girl I can top coat right away using a gentle hand, and it doesn’t drag the color underneath.
  8. Clean up around your cuticles with a flat/angled brush with acetone. Go gently so you don’t clean off to much!


I hope this helped in any way. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

Pink plaid easter chicken

Pink plaid easter chicken

Pink plaid easter chicken

Pink plaid easter chicken


4 thoughts on “Tutorial on plaid easter pattern

  1. Johanna says:

    Så härlig! Gillar att det ser nästan tredimensionellt ut! Och vad fantastisk den lite mörkare rosa är på dig!! Är det den som är “Love every minute”?

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