neon feathers

Neon feather tutorial

This is a design that looked better in my head than in reality, but I’m sharing anyway. I started with a sheer base of OPI ‘So many clowns so little time’ and on top of that I painted feathers with some different neon polishes. ModelsOwn ‘Flip flop’ and ‘Bikini’, China Glaze ‘Bottoms up’ and ‘Flip flop fantasy’.

After I painted the feathers the first time I overlaid them with another coat of the sheer polish and topped it of with a different neon color on each feather to make them pop more. Finish up with top coat. Easy and fun design. Do you like them?

neon feathers

neon feathers

neon feathers

neon feathers


8 thoughts on “Neon feather tutorial

  1. WonderfulWolf says:

    Oh no, I hate designs that look better in your head. I always feel like such a failure and wonder if someone with more talent would have been able to paint it better. I do like these, but to me they don’t remind me of actual feathers, but rather feather corals because they’re all wonderful neonish colours!

  2. snow says:

    I LOVE these. I’m in need of good brushes for tiny designs, so, would you be willing to let me know where you get yours?

    • snow says:

      If from a site (I’m hoping I can just go into a store) could you name one with the best brushes you’ve received?

    • mllrdesign says:

      Thank you sweetie, I use both cheap ones from ebay, just search for nail art brushes, and more ‘expensive’ ones from stylishnailart. I think she has an Etsy shop now. Good luck!

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