face behind the nails


Say what? Yesterday I reached 10.000 followers on Instagram. That is totally amazing and unreal at the same time. I’m so humbled and grateful that there are so many that like what I do. A bottle of champagne is now chilling in the fridge, but I haven’t decided when I will open it. I don’t really need an excuse like this to drink champagne, but it certainly calls for it.

I started my nail journey last year with a new job where a lot of my colleagues were nail crazy, so I started painting my nails too. And I quickly got obsessed with OPI. I think my first venture into good polish was OPI’s liquid sand ‘Into the night’. When I started being more active on Instagram I discovered a whole new world with talented nail artists that I stumbled upon. There after I googled and read blogs and quite quickly got drawn into (you could say obsessed with) nail art. I think I have found my arena. It’s creative, stress-reducing, fulfilling and so much fun. In the end of september I started trying out nail art a bit more and quickly started a nail account since I was spamming my personal feed with nail pics. It so happens that not all my friends are as interested as me, go figure.

And here I am. 10.000 followers later. That’s cool. And I’m still in the beginning of my journey.

I want to say a big thank you to all you lovely people I interact with through nail art, a huge bonus to this obsession is all the lovely people that come with it. Thank you!

Neon green dotticure

Neon green dotticure

face behind the nails

face behind the nails

Glamorous attire while picking nettles

Glamorous attire while picking nettles


10 thoughts on “10k

  1. Johanna says:

    Härligt! 🙂 Jag är så glad att du fastnade för nailart och att vi får se dina alster! ❤ Så galet roligt och så galet välförtjänt!!!

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