Chevron squares, tutorial

I managed to steer clear of the florals today. It’s not that I don’t like them, I just bore myself a bit. So I tried to tone it done a notch today with a base of LimeCrime ‘Milky ways’ and a sparkly accent with China Glaze ‘Glistening snow’. On my pointer and pinkie I put Swarovskis from the Nail Room and then I did one designed nail with skinny chevrons from here.

For the small shapes I used Essie ‘Find me an oasis’, ‘Meet the parents’ , ‘Truth or flare’ and OPI ‘Skull & gloss bones’. At first I decided not to do a tutorial on this but when I was done I liked the result so much that I changed my mind. That ended in me doing a tutorial on my cinderella hand, a quite frustrating experience since the tape and my shaking left hand didn’t exactly cooperate. Lesson learnt until next time!

1. Start with a base color, wait until completely dry.
2. Put on skinny chevrons.
3. Use straight tape to square off the chevrons.
4. Paint two sections at a time with matching colors.
5. Remove tape immediately.
6. Top coat ( I use HK Girl, Glisten & Glow )
7. Clean up with acetone around your cuticles.

All done! Good luck and have fun with the colors!

Chevron squares

Chevron squares

Chevron squares

Chevron squares

Chevron squares

Chevron squares



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