ThumbsUp Leopard Love

ThumbsUp Nail wraps

Today I’m happy to present some nail wraps from ThumbsUp Nail Wraps that was sent to me for review. I received a discount code for my readers if you would like to get some for yourself:

  • 10FORMAJA for 10% off

As I have never used wraps before I had no idea what to expect. So when I first unpacked them I thought that I could never fit them on to my nails since they are so small. The instructions were easy to follow and once I started measuring them it was no problem at all finding suitable sizes. They have lots of different sizes to choose from. Application was very easy and if I put them on a bit wonky it was just to lift them up and reposition them. I recently filed my nails down because of a bad break on my cinderella (dominant) hand, so there was a lot of excess wrap sticking out from my nail. But I wrapped them around the edge and just filed it off with a few downward strokes. Super simple.

Then I decided to put top coat on to add some more shine, this step was optional. But I think the top coat did something to the wrap and the surface wrinkled upp a bit. I tried both HK Girl and Seche Vite. I don’t know if it was just this version of the wraps or if they all react like this. Next time I will do them without the top coat though.

My final thoughts on these wraps on this first attempt are much more positive than I anticipated though. The designs are cute and they are very easy to apply, so if you want a cute look without the effort, time consuming and messy part, I can really recommend these.

ThumbsUp Leopard Love

ThumbsUp Leopard Love

ThumbsUp Leopard Love

ThumbsUp Leopard Love

ThumbsUp Nail Wraps

ThumbsUp Nail Wraps

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2 thoughts on “ThumbsUp Nail wraps

  1. Kairi says:

    I did use different wraps and also decided to add top coat. The wraps started to bubble, really really small ones but still. That happened few hours after using the top coat.

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