Sheer tint flowers or popcorn tutorial?

I was playing around with my OPI sheer tints, and the end result looks more like candy popcorn than flowers 😀 but never mind.They are fun to play with and this is an easy design that doesn’t require a lot of precision.

  1. Paint a white base. I used OPI Alpine snow
  2. Paint the OPI sheer tints in small blobs, don’t take too much on the brush or it will be goopy. The shapes can be very random.
  3. Outline the flower shapes with a thin nail art brush and black polish. I used OPI Black Onyx.
  4. Finish off with top coat. I used HK Girl from Glisten & Glow.
  5. Clean up around your cuticles with a flat/angled brush dipped in acetone.

Good luck and have fun with it!

OPI Sheer tints

OPI Sheer tints


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