Gradient tutorial with holographic shapes

I’m so behind with my blogging it’s ridiculous. So I’m just going to jump right into it and see if I can catch up eventually. Life, motivation and lack of inspiration happens in between. But this is something I like doing, so I’ll dig right in.

Today I did a gradient with holographic curves on top.

  1. I start with a base of OPI ‘Put a coat on’, a white base coat to make the neons pop.
  2. Next I paint OPI ‘Gitter off’ around my cuticles to make clean up easier. Wait until it’s dry before sponging. It’s dry when it’s translucent.
  3. I use a cut up make up sponge that I have wetted and squeezed the excess water off. Paint the colors in stripes. Here I use LoveAngeline ‘Daughters of Eve’, ModelsOwn ‘Beach bag’ and OPI ‘Down to the core-al’.
  4. Dab the sponge onto your nail, as many layers as you need to reach the saturation you want. Just let the layers dry a bit before sponging again.
  5. Top coat immediately after you are happy with your gradient. It will help with the blending. I use quick drying top coat HK Girl from Glisten & Glow.
  6. Remove the peel-off base coat around your fingers. (Not shown here because my phone ran out of storage space while filming)
  7. When the top coat is completely dry use nail tape for French manicures to create the curved shape. I use nailvinyls from here. Secure them properly around the edges to prevent the polish from leaking under.
  8. Paint your next color on top. I use ILNP Mega.
  9. Remove the nailvinyls/tape immediately and pull in the direction of the tape.
  10. Wait a little while before adding top coat to prevent smearing.
  11. Clean up around your cuticles using a flat/angled brush dipped in acetone.

I hope you enjoyed this, it’s one of those designs that are fairly simple but I can’t stop staring at my nails. Especially because it’s a beautiful summer day and perfect for holos. I really love Mega and it’s satiny sparkle.

Silver holo on neon gradient

Silver holo on neon gradient

Silver holo on neon gradient

Silver holo on neon gradient


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