Inspired by fashion

I paired up again with one of my favorite girls on Instagram; Danielle aka @nailsbydaniellet. We found inspiration from a fashion account called @thestylemob, they have really cute outfits and as a total nail geek everything can be translated into nail art. I don’t know why I’m so hesitant in picking out my acrylic paint, because when I do I like it so much. It’s so much easier to work with than polish. But it seems my love affair with polish just overrides practicality. Well, I’m getting there. It is so much fun.

The base is OPI Alpine Snow, and on my other fingers I have OPI Rumple’s wiggin.

  1. I start with two coats of white.
  2. Top coat with fast drying top coat, I use HK Girl by Glisten & Glow
  3. Then I use matte top coat on top to make a good surface for the acrylic paint to stick on. I use Essie Matte about you.
  4. Paint the flowers and stems with acrylic paint. You have to experiment to find out how much water your paints need to dilute to a nice consistency.
  5. I use pure color no9, from @stylishnailart as my brush.
  6. Top coat again. (I added lavender corners later to resemble the jacket worn over this flowery dress that was my inspiration, of course that is optional)
  7. Clean up around your cuticles with acetone on a flat/angled brush.

Good luck and paint away!

I hope you like it. I really enjoy these collaborations, in this case I love Danielle’s version more than mine.

Inspired by a dress

Inspired by a dress

Inspired by a dress

Inspired by a dress






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