Watercolor apples, tutorial

I have some mojo again, as in I have ideas that I want to do. It’s so much better than wanting to paint the nails but not have any inspiration or motivation. Today I paired some watercolor apples with neon green, ‘Toxic Apple’ from Models Own. I love love love this true neon green. It has to be stored in the refrigerator to keep the neon pigments and it’s squishiness makes it a little bit tricky to apply, but it evened out nicely on the third layer. With these kind of polishes you need a white base to make the neon pop properly and I used OPI ‘Put a coat on’ white base coat. I didn’t like that base coat at all when I first tried it, but it’s really growing on me and when I need I white base I find myself reaching for it. It’s also because I’m cheap and don’t want to use my precious OPI ‘Alpine snow’ when I don’t need the perfect white, but only a base.

Now for the rest of the design, here comes the tutorial:

  1. I start with a soft white as base, Essie ‘Baby’s breath’ and I put matte top coat on to make the acrylic paint stick better.
  2. I dilute the acrylic paint with a lot of water to make it really runny.
  3. Then I paint the shapes, one at a time. Wait a little while to make the acrylic paint dry around the edges, then take a dry brush and dab away the excess water/paint. This will create the watercolor effect.
  4. Then I fill in with as little or as much paint I like to make the green and red apples. For this design I didn’t go the whole way, because I wanted them sort of opaque in the end.
  5. Finish off with top coat and clean up.
Watercolor Apples

Watercolor Apples


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