Swedish flag tutorial

My Danish bestie Helene aka. @henulle did an amazing thing. When ILNP (I Love Nail Polish) released their summer collection 2014 I told her I wasn’t going to buy any. My polish account (amongst others) is seriously empty so I couldn’t buy any even though I’m such a sucker for holographic polishes and ILNP is one of my favorite indie brands. So she went along and got me the ones I wanted anyway. The sweetest thing ever and of course I shed a tear or two when she told me she had pre-ordered for me too. The nail community has really blessed me with so many wonderful friends, and they don’t even have to give me polish for me to love them to pieces.

When the order came Barbra at ILNP had made a mistake and sent me the yellow holo called ‘Funshine Smoothie’ instead of the blue ‘Summer Stargazing’ that Helene ordered for me. Upon contact she immediately remedied her mistake and sent away the blue one to me, and when I asked her what to do with the yellow one she told me to keep it. How is that for customer service for you? If I didn’t love Barbra and her work before, she certainly made sure I did now. Who am I kidding? I’ve been a sucker for her polishes since my first contact with them. But it’s so nice to get that kind of service, that extra something.

So I had been a little bit sceptic about the yellow when I first saw it, and wasn’t to keen on it. It seemed to shift a bit green for my taste. But when I used it, making a Swedish flag mani in honor of our national day June 6th, I was blown away. So gorgeous, I was surprised how much I loved it. I paired it with Isadora ‘Pool crush’, my favorite blue texture polish to make my sparkly, holo version of the Swedish flag.

  1. Paint base color, I used the holographic yellow ‘Funshine Smoothie’ from ILNP.
  2. Top coat and let dry completely. Quick drying top coat is your best bet for taping, well for everything actually. I use HK Girl from Glisten & Glow. 
  3. Tape a cross. I use nailvinyls from here.
  4. Paint the blue on top, I use Isadora ‘Pool Crush’. Always remove tape immediately after polishing. Since it’s a textured polish I don’t top coat afterwards. If you use a regular polish you should always end with a top coat.
  5. Clean up with acetone around your cuticles.

Easy and fun!

Swedish flag

Swedish flag

Swedish flag

Swedish flag

Swedish flag

Swedish flag

And there are some poor unfortunate souls on Instagram that comment that these are not the correct blue and yellow for the Swedish flag. No shit Sherlock! I get so tired of these kind of comments but try to be the adult and not tell them off in a nasty way. Wouldn’t it be nice though if the flags were sparkly and holographic?


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