Life gave me lemons

My first ever manicure with fimo. Fimo is a sort of polymer clay that you can slice to thin slices of whatever the fimo was designed to be. I got a bunch of pre-cut fimo fruits from Born Pretty Store, (use my code AMJ61 for 10% off) and I couldn’t wait to try them out.

I started with som lemons that I paired with – obviously – OPI ‘Life gave me lemons’ from the 2014 neon collection. And I striped it in chunky stripes with OPI ‘Alpine snow’ using nailvinyls from here. On my accent nail I did a gradient with China Glaze ‘Towel Boy Toy’, Essie ‘In the Cab-ana’ and OPI ‘Alpine snow’. Then I stuck the fimo lemons on with nail glue. I actually loved the outcome, it looks fresh and crisp like a lemon and really like the fimo. They are going to be a lot of fun to play with.

Life gave me lemons

Life gave me lemons



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