Roses and dots, easy tutorial

I did a maniswap with Lisa aka. @loudandlavish, a very talented and sweet sixteen year old. I wish I was that good at her age. I chose to do her neon dotticure with roses on top because I adore dots, neons and roses. Cute and easy, sometimes that is what we need.

Here is how I did them:

Start with base color, I used Dance Legend ‘Best Vacations’.

  1. Add dots with dotting tool/bobby pin. I like to do one row at a time so its easier to place them evenly.
  2. My roses I start with a medium pink and just make a big blob where I want them.
  3. I go back with a darker pink and make small c- shapes to outline the petals.
  4. Then I use my lightest pink to highlight, and blend the colors together slightly.
  5. Finish off with adding some leaves where you like them. I use two green colors.
  6. Add top coat and you are good to go!
roses & dots

roses & dots


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