Valentino rockstud nails, tutorial

Inspiration is everywhere, and I’ve seen so many pictures of these gorgeous heels from Valentino.

Valentino rockstud neon yellow

Sadly I don’t own them and I expect I’ll never will šŸ˜¦ so the next best thing is of course to paint them on my nails.

Here is how I did them:

  1. Base is one coat of OPI ‘Glints of Glinda’ and one coat of quick dry top coat. I use HK Girl. Wait until this is completely dry before the next step.
  2. Next I cut up a french mani tape to create a slight curve and a t-strap in the middle. Nail tape is from
  3. Fill in with a nude color, I used Essie ‘Urban Jungle’
  4. I then place the studs in my sticky nail polish. If you want them to stay on for a couple of days I recommend nail glue. I use a wax picker to place my studs.
  5. For the tip I painted neon yellow ‘Bikini’ from Models Own.
  6. Clean up an top coat!

I really like how they turned out. Maybe one day I’ll have heels to match…

Valentino rockstud nails

Valentino rockstud nails


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