OPI New Orleans S/S 2016


Today I have swatches of OPI’s new Spring/Summer 2016 collection named New Orleans. It’s full of cremes and shimmers and consists of 12 polishes. It’s to be released in the end of February in Sweden.

Humidi-Tea – OPI New Orleans 2016

This is a shimmery peachy nude with tiny gold flecks in it. With my skin it doesn’t look to good and it ages me (not a good thing). The shimmer makes it look like a grandma color to me but I think it’ll look good on darker skin. I used two coats and top coat, good formula.

 I Manicure For Beads – OPI New Orleans 2016

A purple creme that goes on beautifully in two smooth coats, look at that shine. In daylight it turns a bit more grape-colored.

Take a Right on Bourbon – OPI New Orleans 2016

Another soft silver from OPI. As you can see it goes on a bit streaky but this warm silvery tone is quite beautiful. It seems to me though that OPI keeps delivering silvers in different hues in every other collection and it leaves me a bit -meh-. Two coats and top coat.

Rich Girls & Po-Boys – OPI New Orleans 2016

This is the IT-color this Spring both with clothing and polishes. Such a vibrant blue color that makes me swoon. The formula is a bit thin though and you have to be careful loading the brush with exactly the right amount to not flood the cuticles. Total coverage in two coats.

Suzi Nails New Orleans – OPI New Orleans 2016

A gorgeous pink creme which is also a bit thin and runny. Can be patchy in two coats if you’re not careful. Maybe OPI is experimenting with the formulas to keep the highly pigmented cremes from going chalky? I don’t know, but I’m a bit disappointed since OPI usually does excellent fomula.

I’m Sooo Swamped! – OPI New Orleans 2016

Another creme in the bunch, this one a grassy muted green that feels really unique. This time the formula is excellent, what I have come to expect from OPI. Two coats and top coat. Just look at that shine!

Show Us Your Tips! – OPI New Orleans 2016

Here you have a shimmery cloud blue which looks stunning in the bottle. It’s sheer and took three coats for full opacity but on the nails it leaves me unmoved. I don’t know why though, I’m just not feeling it. It IS gorgeous.

Spare Me a French Quarter? – OPI New Orleans 2016

Hold on a minute and let me wipe up my drool… There, this gorgeous berry hue really strikes my fancy and the formula is excellent. Two easy coats.

Crawfishin’ For a Compliment – OPI New Orleans 2016

A lovely peach creme, but this one is also on the runny, patchy side of this bunch of polishes. I wish it looked better with my skin though… It’ll have to wait for some tanned skin. Two-three coats here since I didn’t manage to paint them all well on only two.

Let Me Bayou a Drink – OPI New Orleans 2016

A shimmery pinkish nude. I wasn’t prepared to like this, but I really do. It snook up on me and the shimmer actually made it nicer and I suspect better in formula than it would have been being a regular creme. I paired it with an over-the-top statement piece and the color combo of turqouise with this baby pink hit the spot for me. Two slightly thickish coats for full opacity.

Got Myself Into a Jam-Balaya – OPI New Orleans 2016

A beautiful coral creme. This one is sadly also on the thin and patchy side. Why OPI? I love this shade. I managed with two coats here.

She’s a Bad Muffuletta! – OPI New Orleans 2016

A vibrant neon deep reddish coral. What a stunner! It’s my absolute favourite in the bunch and it’s almost enough with one perfect coat but I used two. The formula is perfect and I’m overjoyed of the amount of pop this gives without a white base coat.


At a first glance this collection looks really like my cup of tea with lots of gorgeous cremes. Too bad the formula is so disappointing in a number of the beautiful shades. So both highs and lows from me with my absolute favourites: She’s a Bad Muffuletta and Rich Girls & Po-Boys.

You can find really good comparison swatches over at manigeek.


2 thoughts on “OPI New Orleans S/S 2016

  1. amiboppa says:

    Kära dotter! Många eleganta! Finast är dom där du gör egna mönster. Kanske snart dags att ta hand om några små stubbiga naglar. Får höra mer i helgen. Kram mor

    Skickat från min iPhone

    > 20 apr. 2016 kl. 22:01 skrev Mllr Design : > > >

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