OPI Soft Shades 2016

Every year OPI releases a Soft Shades collection and this year I must say it looks like the best one ever. Six soft opaque pastels, so incredibly lovely. I swatched them all with two coats and top coat. The first layer was a bit streaky and dragged easily with the brush, but with a thickish second coat they all evened out and became fully opaque. I love them all and have a hard time choosing a favourite.

OPI One Chic Chick

A soft muted yellow which is almost leaning to “dirty” yellow, if you understand my meaning. Very lovely.

OPI I Am What I Amethyst

A light lavender which I don’t think I have an equal in my stash. My nail art vanished but I hope you see the colour of the polish.

OPI It’s In the Cloud

A soft white, and an excellent addition to white’s since it’s lacking the chalky whiteness of regular white polishes.

OPI This Cost Me a Mint

This is the softest green ever and so lovely. I feel all of these polishes could be used to decorate a nursery, in the best of ways.

OPI It’s a Boy!

The perfect baby blue. I paired it with cherry blossoms. If it comes through as if I love this collection it’s totally true.

OPI Stop It I’m Blushing!

This is actually the lightest peachy pink, but my picture shows it as a light nude. Super sweet IRL and very flattering.


I’m TOTALLY sold on this collection. They are good formula light pastels, what more could you ask for? EVER?


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