Wants & wishes

Sometimes I get obsessed over stuff and right now I have two wants on top of my list. 

The first is a fragrance. Since I’m working at a perfumery I go around sniffing and trying out new scents all the time I’m so happy that I found one that really makes me go aaahhh 😍 it’s Van Cleef & Arpels California Réverie. 

Van Cleef & Arpels California Réverie

Top notes are mandarin orange and neroli, middle notes are jasmine sambac and frangipani, base notes are beeswax and vanilla. I’m not a vanilla girl but I don’t detect those notes at all. White flowers and citrus makes it so fresh and clean. It’s a bit pricey so I’ll have to put it on my birthday wish list. 

You can buy it from Parfymeri1, Norrköping where I work. Online I’m not sure who to trust regarding perfumes but it retails for about 1395SEK/75 ml ($170/2,5oz). If you have a chance to sniff it, DO!
Second on my wish list isn’t so much a single thing but a whole brand… I recently discovered a new for me Swedish jewelry brand; Lily & Rose. They make elegant vintage looking jewelry with Downton Abbey and Great Gatsby as inspiration. Every piece is stunning and in a moderate price range. 

This is Sofia Silk earring:

Lily & Rose Sofia Silk

You can buy it online for 395SEK ($48). Aren’t they beautiful? 
What’s on your wish list right now?


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