OPI Towel Me About It

OPI Retro Summer 2016 swatches & review 

Now I’ve swatched them all, and I just wish summer is around the corner. It’s still very cold here in Sweden but this collection brings me to the beach and warmth with six pretty creme pastels. 

I used two coats and top coat, and they are all similar in formula. A bit runny, so be careful not to overload the brush, but with two even coats (not too thin) you will get total coverage. If I have the time I’ll try to get some comparisons up later, but don’t get your hopes up 🙈. 

OPI I’m Getting a Tan-gerine 

It’s a dusty peach that reminds me of Where Did Suzi’s Man-go? I suspect this one is lighter, well I’ll just just have to do the comparisons now, don’t I?

OPI Flip Flops & Crop Tops

Barbie pink creme, have we seen them before? Do we love them all? I do at least, it makes me happy even if it’s not the most original colour. 


Orangey coral, is that a thing? This is a lovely bright colour that’s just a little bit shy of being a neon. Will look awesome with a tan. I think my toes need this colour too. 

OPI Towel Me About It

Love in a citrusy pastel bottle, I’m not sure I have a sweet yellow like this before that’s both soft and fresh. I really love it and got lots of compliments when I wore it the other day. 

OPI What’s The Double Scoop?

A lovely baby pink that makes me go blah… I’ve seen this so many times before. It’s super cute though but I would go for another one like this with a slightly more forgiving formula. 

OPI Sailing & Nailing

It’s a super sweet baby blue that I love in its subdued brightness. Do I make sense? Well blue is the IT colour this spring and now we have the summer sky version too.
How do you like these swatches? Which one is your favourite? Mine are Towel Me About It and Sailing & Nailing. 


7 thoughts on “OPI Retro Summer 2016 swatches & review 

  1. WonderfulWolf says:

    I love these swatches, I think it’s super cool you’ve done a different accent nail for each colour which works so well together! I like the look of ‘Im getting a tan-gerine’ and ‘Sailing and Nailing’.

  2. Kayla mcgibbon says:

    I agree the first three maybe four are somewhat relaunches of. Where did Suzis man go , kiss me I’m braZillian and the orange either toucan do it or live love carnival and the baby pink is sort of like suzi shops and island hops idk they seem to keep repromoting older colors into the next collection like Alice in wonderland has some repeat colors just like starlight with reds and the same dark purple :/ have you noticed opi since being bought by coty has lost their pizazz in displays all block and modular now not as cool as it was :(((

    • mllrdesign says:

      I have a dupes & comparisons post coming up, and yeah… They’re very similar 😑 I’m also a bit disappointed with the formulas lately, not bad but not perfect as I have come to expect. The displays I haven’t really thought about, maybe it’s so. I’ll keep that in mind for the next one 🙄

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