Chanel Gris Obscur

I’ve tried on new Chanel ‘Gris Obscur’ with the Le Gel Coat from Le Rouge Collection N°2. It’s a grey black polish with a slight shimmer. The formula is really good and two thin coats gave full opacity. As before the brush is a bit too long and flimsy, not at all to my liking. For the top coat it’s the opposite regarding the brush, it’s shorter and sturdier but a bit too hard. Seriously? How hard can it be? Loads of nail polish makers have brushes that don’t annoy me… But I like the formula of the top coat as well, so if you can overlook the brush issue (I might be a tad picky 🙈) the polish itself is gorgeous. 

Chanel Gris Obscur

Chanel Gris Obscur

A big part of this release is the Rouge Allure Ink. It’s a liquid lipstick that goes on like lip gloss and dries matte. Right now I’m having a love affair with these, easy to apply and still moisturising with a velvety matte finish. My only wish is that they would release bolder colours. 

Have you tried the new formula polishes yet? What are your thoughts?


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