IsaDora #goflawless

I was at IsaDora’s release of a new foundation ‘Cover Up’, that also works as a concealer. It’s full coverage and suits all skin types. In stores week 41. The packaging is a vacuum pump which makes it easy to use, it never gets old and everything comes out. When I tried it I used the face buffer to buff it into my face. It glides on easily and feels soft and moisturising. I used no 64 Classic Cover over my face and no 62 Nude Cover as a concealer/highlighter. 
IsaDora also releases a new color correcting concealer ‘Nude Quartet’. To be applied with your fingertips or the concealer brush. 

IsaDora Cover Up

IsaDora Cover Up

For the Twist-Up Matt lips there are now more colours to choose from to find a matching sculpting lip liner. New colours are 20 Naked, 22 Nude Rose, 24 Ruby Gem and 70 Vintage Pink. 

IsaDora Twist Up Matt lips 71 Blackout, sculpting lip liner

IsaDora Twist Up Matt lips

#gomonochrome is the name of this new look to be released week 40. Matt Fixing Blotting Powder is both blurring, moisturising, fixating and matte. I love this since my T-zone tends to get a bit oily. When I tried it on I didn’t have to re-apply during the whole day, and my forehead stayed matte, yay!!!

Kohl Kajal comes in white and black to create the monochrome look. 

Eye color wonder bar is released in a new colour palette 02 Smoky Eyes, with a great mix of matte and sparkly shades. 

No 71 Blackout is a new Twist-Up Matt Lips and also a part of this collection. 

Here is a very professional (not) car selfie where I’m using Blackout on my lips, Cover Up and Matt Fixing Powder and the new eye palette. 


Hair care, cover up spray. 

Today I’m going to tell you about one of my life savers; root cover up. My hair grows very fast and I have loads of grey hairs that annoy the crap out of me. Colouring my roots is not something I enjoy doing every 10 days, and I oftentimes end up going too far in between and look like a hobo as a result. I’ve tried coloured hair shadow, it works pretty well but requires some work. Then I discovered root cover up spray 😱
You just spray it on like hairspray, it’s lightweight, non-sticky and only colours your hair, not the skin. Its temporary and has to be re-applied after you wash your hair, but seriously hassle free. For me this is a perfect product and extends the time I can go between touch-ups with weeks. Here are before and after pictures with very bad quality but I hope you can see the difference. 

before root cover up

before root cover up

after root cover up

after root cover up

I used Vision Haircare Cover Up, and you can buy it here.

Have you tried this or similar products? What are your thoughts?