Nail care

While trying to figure out how to use a borrowed camera with my limited knowledge and abilities I took a picture of my naked nails with only my base coat on. So I thought I could share my experiences with the products I have used and what my nail care routine is.

First of all I don’t think I’ve ever had nails this long. I don’t really like super long nails, but my fingers are teeny tiny and my nail beds too, so I have to have a little length not to have my hands look like a childs. But I guess in doing nail art it’s good to have a larger ‘canvas’ and I’m getting used to looking at beautiful long nails all the time so it doesn’t really bother me that much any more. ¬†They look a bit yellowish too because of all the polishing, but that’s ok with me.

naked nails

Naked nails

With being new to nail care and nail art I have only started to take care of my nails since this summer. So my experience is limited to that time frame. Hangnails has always been an issue with me and I have bitten them off my whole life, disgusting I know. But now I have learned to moisturize all the time and carefully cut away any hangnails that are actually dead, to avoid dragging the new skin off too. I’ve heard that using baby clippers is a good way because they are small and sharp you won’t risk getting too much skin off.

For my cuticles I use LUSH Lemony Flutter several times a day. It is so wonderful and has made my cuticles so much better since I started using it. But beware, once you start you become addicted. In a good way. I also just bought Blue Cross Cuticle Remover and it works like magic. Just pour a little bit onto your cuticle, and it dissolves any dead skin that you just can push back with an orange stick or similar, and then just wash it away.

On my nails I have used OPI Nail Envy as base coat for a while now and I really think it has made my nails stronger. But now I’m trying out Duri Rejuvacote for strong and healthy nails so we’ll see how that goes. But I think the key is mostly to keep your cuticles moisturized all the time, and the quality off the nail that grows out will be better.

I have not listed where you can buy the products above since it’s different in every country. But I mostly do my shopping on eBay. What are your thoughts and experiences on nail care? Please comment and share your views.