OPI Towel Me About It

OPI Retro Summer 2016 swatches & review 

Now I’ve swatched them all, and I just wish summer is around the corner. It’s still very cold here in Sweden but this collection brings me to the beach and warmth with six pretty creme pastels. 

I used two coats and top coat, and they are all similar in formula. A bit runny, so be careful not to overload the brush, but with two even coats (not too thin) you will get total coverage. If I have the time I’ll try to get some comparisons up later, but don’t get your hopes up 🙈. 

OPI I’m Getting a Tan-gerine 

It’s a dusty peach that reminds me of Where Did Suzi’s Man-go? I suspect this one is lighter, well I’ll just just have to do the comparisons now, don’t I?

OPI Flip Flops & Crop Tops

Barbie pink creme, have we seen them before? Do we love them all? I do at least, it makes me happy even if it’s not the most original colour. 


Orangey coral, is that a thing? This is a lovely bright colour that’s just a little bit shy of being a neon. Will look awesome with a tan. I think my toes need this colour too. 

OPI Towel Me About It

Love in a citrusy pastel bottle, I’m not sure I have a sweet yellow like this before that’s both soft and fresh. I really love it and got lots of compliments when I wore it the other day. 

OPI What’s The Double Scoop?

A lovely baby pink that makes me go blah… I’ve seen this so many times before. It’s super cute though but I would go for another one like this with a slightly more forgiving formula. 

OPI Sailing & Nailing

It’s a super sweet baby blue that I love in its subdued brightness. Do I make sense? Well blue is the IT colour this spring and now we have the summer sky version too.
How do you like these swatches? Which one is your favourite? Mine are Towel Me About It and Sailing & Nailing. 


My first live feed

Yesterday I was at Kinnarps in Norrköping, my home town. They had a ladies evening with local businesses invited to promote their products to the guests, and Parfymeri1 where I work was one of them and I got to tag along. 
I decided rather than doing treatments I was going to have a hand model to demonstrate some nail art on. She had an idea of doing a live feed on Facebook. Said and done, that’s what we did. A bit scary and out of my comfort zone but lots of fun. You can find the videos here

This is the before picture, My has a clear gel overlay that we did the day before. 

She was an excellent model and filmer. And this is the end result. I used only CND Shellac colours, ‘Cream Puff’, ‘Aqua-intance’ & ‘Digi-teal’. 

If you watch the videos, please leave a comment here or on Facebook so I know if it’s something you would like to see again, and what I should improve on. 💙

Video swatches of OPI Retro Summer 2016

Here’s a little teaser before I’ve swatched them all for you, enjoy 🙂

Wants & wishes

Sometimes I get obsessed over stuff and right now I have two wants on top of my list. 

The first is a fragrance. Since I’m working at a perfumery I go around sniffing and trying out new scents all the time I’m so happy that I found one that really makes me go aaahhh 😍 it’s Van Cleef & Arpels California Réverie. 

Van Cleef & Arpels California Réverie

Top notes are mandarin orange and neroli, middle notes are jasmine sambac and frangipani, base notes are beeswax and vanilla. I’m not a vanilla girl but I don’t detect those notes at all. White flowers and citrus makes it so fresh and clean. It’s a bit pricey so I’ll have to put it on my birthday wish list. 

You can buy it from Parfymeri1, Norrköping where I work. Online I’m not sure who to trust regarding perfumes but it retails for about 1395SEK/75 ml ($170/2,5oz). If you have a chance to sniff it, DO!
Second on my wish list isn’t so much a single thing but a whole brand… I recently discovered a new for me Swedish jewelry brand; Lily & Rose. They make elegant vintage looking jewelry with Downton Abbey and Great Gatsby as inspiration. Every piece is stunning and in a moderate price range. 

This is Sofia Silk earring:

Lily & Rose Sofia Silk

You can buy it online for 395SEK ($48). Aren’t they beautiful? 
What’s on your wish list right now?

Blog event with Goodprscandinavia

I was at a blog event with Goodprscandinavia who represents OPI in Sweden. They showed news from a bunch of brands and of course OPI Retro Summer. 

Just look at these highly pigmented palettes from Make-Up Studio. I want them all, so beautiful.

These events are a good opportunity for me to meet with nail nerds like me, and blogger friends. Hanna and Elli from @newlypolished was there and I met sweet Agnes from @agnesnails for the first time, such a sweetheart. 

We got a goodie bag with a bunch of stuff to try out. 

Suncare and shampoo from Vision Haircare, and the best news of all ‘cover up’; a hair colour spray to cover up the outgrowth 😍 THE best thing ever. I’ve tried another brand before and this product is a total lifesaver for me. My hair grows like crazy and I don’t have the time to change constantly colour in my roots. Just spray this on and your hair looks great until your next wash. Looooooove it. 
I’ve tried the Esse probiotic cleanser once, and I’m a fan of the lathery cleansers so I wasn’t sure about this. But it lathers softly on the face and leaves a tingly feeling afterwards so it really feels active. I really like it. 
Nashi Argan Oil for all kinds of hair is a welcome product to my bathroom. 
Now to the polishes in OPI Retro Summer collection, from left to right:

Towel Me About It, I’m Getting a Tan-gerine, SPF XXX, What’s the Double Scoop?, Flip Flops & Crop Tops, Sailing & Nailing. 

Can’t wait to swatch these babies. 

Is there a product you want to know more about? Ask away and I’ll do my best. 

IsaDora #jeanious



Denim on denim is a big trend right now and IsaDora is on the bandwagon with this new collection of six different blues. There are two creme polishes, two velvet matt nails, one shimmer and one sugar nails. Since I’m a big fan of blue polishes it was no hardship swatching these.

IsaDora 832 Flared

This is a Velvet Matt nail polish, which dries matte. This is full coverage in two coats and it has a subtle sparkle that is really beautiful. I’m feeling old washed out denim shirt here.

IsaDora 524 Slim Fit

This is one of the cremes in the collection and I used two coats and top coat. Excellent formula and this vibrant blue is clearly one of the Spring trends even if this one doesn’t scream jeans at me.

IsaDora 833 Bootcut

The next Velvet Matt in the collection and this one has no sparkle and dries flat. Imperfections on the nail will show. Easy to work with and I used two coats.

IsaDora 136 Rugged Wear

This is the only textured on in the bunch and the trend seems to have dwindled, but THIS one is awesome. You want denim? Here I come. Match your denim on denim with this denim polish and you’re all set. The first picture is with top coat just to show how gorgeous it looks with it too. Two coats.

IsaDora 525 Hot Legs

This is the only metallic shimmer, and it comes in a deep royal blue. I’m such a sucker for this shade. This is two coats and top coat, I almost went with three because it’s a bit thin so in certain lights you could spot the visible nail line.

IsaDora 523 Stone Washed

A light blue creme that has a good name. Excellent formula. Two coats and top coat.

This is a solid collection with a bunch of gorgeous blues. I’m liking the different textures and formulas. Overall the formula is very good, but as always I’m longing for a little bit thinner brush for closer cuticle application.

OPI Soft Shades 2016

Every year OPI releases a Soft Shades collection and this year I must say it looks like the best one ever. Six soft opaque pastels, so incredibly lovely. I swatched them all with two coats and top coat. The first layer was a bit streaky and dragged easily with the brush, but with a thickish second coat they all evened out and became fully opaque. I love them all and have a hard time choosing a favourite.

OPI One Chic Chick

A soft muted yellow which is almost leaning to “dirty” yellow, if you understand my meaning. Very lovely.

OPI I Am What I Amethyst

A light lavender which I don’t think I have an equal in my stash. My nail art vanished but I hope you see the colour of the polish.

OPI It’s In the Cloud

A soft white, and an excellent addition to white’s since it’s lacking the chalky whiteness of regular white polishes.

OPI This Cost Me a Mint

This is the softest green ever and so lovely. I feel all of these polishes could be used to decorate a nursery, in the best of ways.

OPI It’s a Boy!

The perfect baby blue. I paired it with cherry blossoms. If it comes through as if I love this collection it’s totally true.

OPI Stop It I’m Blushing!

This is actually the lightest peachy pink, but my picture shows it as a light nude. Super sweet IRL and very flattering.


I’m TOTALLY sold on this collection. They are good formula light pastels, what more could you ask for? EVER?

IsaDora Yacht club gel lacquer collection

Here I’m presenting IsaDora’s new gel nail lacquer collection. Ten absolutely lovely vibrant creme polishes. I used two coats and top coat on all my swatches. Not a big fan of IsaDora’s wide brush since I find it hard on smaller nails to get perfect cuticle application. The formulas are overall very good and opaque in two coats, with an exception of ‘Yacht Club’ which in some lights show some visible nail line. But this is a really fun and summery collection that really makes me long for sweet summer days.

IsaDora 260 Away Days

A baby blue creme with excelllent formula. Love these kind of shades and this one doesn’t disappoint.

IsaDora 259 Yacht Club

A vibrant navy blue jelly polish. As with other polishes with this almost neon blue it dries in layers, must be something with the blue pigment. With usual application it’s not a problem at all, but when you want to use it in nail art it will drag a bit using tape. In pictures you can see a visible nail line, but in person it’s not noticeable. A beautiful blue.

IsaDora 257 Ship Ahoy

This is my favourite in this collection. A bright coral creme which makes you look tan in minutes. Awesome. So summery and fun. Excellent formula.

IsaDora 258 Red Flag

A red jelly which is a bit similar to Yacht Club in formula, VNL in certain lights but not disturbing.

IsaDora 256 Sundancer

Vibrant peach creme with excellent formula. I think this is a perfect fun and flirty colour.

IsaDora 255 Love Boat

Hot pink with blue undertones is a must in every nail polish collection, if you don’t already own one this is good in formula and coverage.

IsaDora 254 Pink Captain

A solid baby pink with good formula. Very sweet but nothing new really. Don’t get me wrong, I love it and want to own all the pinks. Just feel like I have it already.

IsaDora 253 White Sails

A good white with excellent coverage in two coats without chalkyness.

IsaDora 251 Gone Sailing

A very light beige nude which I absolutely adore. Perfect coverage in two coats. Feels very elegant and fresh.

IsaDora 252 Ocean Splash

This is the only shimmer in this collection but it’s extremely subtle and just makes this turqouise pop a little bit extra.

CND Vinylux Art Vandal

A bit late but here they are, my swatches from CND Vinylux Art Vandal collection. Art Vandal consists of eight Vinylux polishes and six CND Shellac colors, there are also five additives to this collection.

Today I’m going to share the Vinylux swatches and two CND Shellac manicures. They are all swatched with two coats and top coat.

CND Vinylux Sienna Scribble

The first one up is this bronze gold metallic. Formula is excellent and goes on almost without streaks. I think the color is very unique but kind of strange as well. What do you think? Vinylux only.

CND Vinylux Tutti Frutti

This is an old favourite that CND now has made part of this collection A hot pink with a slight purple shimmer. It dries a little bit matte but shines bright with top coat, wonderful formula and has a Shellac match since before. I used additive Lavender Whispers on my pointer, a lovely fine glitter.

CND Vinyux Art Basil

 A bright green with smaill gold shimmers throughout. Another unique color that I really adore but I think it would look absolutely stunning with darker skin or a tan. Excellent formula. I used pigment effect Cobalt Clash here. Shellac match.

CND Vinylux Magenta Mischief

Magenta shimmer that goes on smoothly in two coats. The formula is really outstanding in all polishes. I used Exhibition glitters. Shellac match.

CND Vinylux Untitled Bronze

Here is another one-of-a-kind polish in this collection, a pinkish bronze with larger gold flecks in it. In the bottle I didn’t care for this color at all but on the nail I thought it was beautiful. Shellac match.

CND Vinylux Irreverent Rose

Vinylux only. A muted berry pink creme that will always look good. Too bad it didn’t come in Shellac as well. I used pigments Cobalt Clash and Lavender Whispers here.

CND Vinylux Digi-Teal

IT-color of this Spring is this kind of strong blue. It’s so vibrant and fun. For me the name is a bit misleading since this is not close to what I would call teal. Love this blue and it comes in an excellent creamy formula. I used Confetti Kiss hex glitters. Shellac match.

CND Vinylux Mauve Maverick

A soft pink creme that lands in between Cake Pop and Blush Teddy for the perfect shade. At first glance you would think that it’s kind of bland and generic but I adore it. It’s super flattering and with a flawless formula it fits right into your favourite pinks. Here I used Twinkle Pink glitter. Shellac match.


This Spring collection is a bit of a surprise with all of the strong bold colors but I really enjoy them and the formula is flawless. My favorites are Mauve Maverick and Digi-Teal, but I’m not too fond of Sienna Scribble.

CND Shellac Digi-Teal, Art Basil & Mauve Maverick

The ones I’ve tried in Shellac so far is also very good in formula and easy to get even. The beautiful blue digits belong to the lovely Elin Fagerberg.

OPI New Orleans S/S 2016


Today I have swatches of OPI’s new Spring/Summer 2016 collection named New Orleans. It’s full of cremes and shimmers and consists of 12 polishes. It’s to be released in the end of February in Sweden.

Humidi-Tea – OPI New Orleans 2016

This is a shimmery peachy nude with tiny gold flecks in it. With my skin it doesn’t look to good and it ages me (not a good thing). The shimmer makes it look like a grandma color to me but I think it’ll look good on darker skin. I used two coats and top coat, good formula.

 I Manicure For Beads – OPI New Orleans 2016

A purple creme that goes on beautifully in two smooth coats, look at that shine. In daylight it turns a bit more grape-colored.

Take a Right on Bourbon – OPI New Orleans 2016

Another soft silver from OPI. As you can see it goes on a bit streaky but this warm silvery tone is quite beautiful. It seems to me though that OPI keeps delivering silvers in different hues in every other collection and it leaves me a bit -meh-. Two coats and top coat.

Rich Girls & Po-Boys – OPI New Orleans 2016

This is the IT-color this Spring both with clothing and polishes. Such a vibrant blue color that makes me swoon. The formula is a bit thin though and you have to be careful loading the brush with exactly the right amount to not flood the cuticles. Total coverage in two coats.

Suzi Nails New Orleans – OPI New Orleans 2016

A gorgeous pink creme which is also a bit thin and runny. Can be patchy in two coats if you’re not careful. Maybe OPI is experimenting with the formulas to keep the highly pigmented cremes from going chalky? I don’t know, but I’m a bit disappointed since OPI usually does excellent fomula.

I’m Sooo Swamped! – OPI New Orleans 2016

Another creme in the bunch, this one a grassy muted green that feels really unique. This time the formula is excellent, what I have come to expect from OPI. Two coats and top coat. Just look at that shine!

Show Us Your Tips! – OPI New Orleans 2016

Here you have a shimmery cloud blue which looks stunning in the bottle. It’s sheer and took three coats for full opacity but on the nails it leaves me unmoved. I don’t know why though, I’m just not feeling it. It IS gorgeous.

Spare Me a French Quarter? – OPI New Orleans 2016

Hold on a minute and let me wipe up my drool… There, this gorgeous berry hue really strikes my fancy and the formula is excellent. Two easy coats.

Crawfishin’ For a Compliment – OPI New Orleans 2016

A lovely peach creme, but this one is also on the runny, patchy side of this bunch of polishes. I wish it looked better with my skin though… It’ll have to wait for some tanned skin. Two-three coats here since I didn’t manage to paint them all well on only two.

Let Me Bayou a Drink – OPI New Orleans 2016

A shimmery pinkish nude. I wasn’t prepared to like this, but I really do. It snook up on me and the shimmer actually made it nicer and I suspect better in formula than it would have been being a regular creme. I paired it with an over-the-top statement piece and the color combo of turqouise with this baby pink hit the spot for me. Two slightly thickish coats for full opacity.

Got Myself Into a Jam-Balaya – OPI New Orleans 2016

A beautiful coral creme. This one is sadly also on the thin and patchy side. Why OPI? I love this shade. I managed with two coats here.

She’s a Bad Muffuletta! – OPI New Orleans 2016

A vibrant neon deep reddish coral. What a stunner! It’s my absolute favourite in the bunch and it’s almost enough with one perfect coat but I used two. The formula is perfect and I’m overjoyed of the amount of pop this gives without a white base coat.


At a first glance this collection looks really like my cup of tea with lots of gorgeous cremes. Too bad the formula is so disappointing in a number of the beautiful shades. So both highs and lows from me with my absolute favourites: She’s a Bad Muffuletta and Rich Girls & Po-Boys.

You can find really good comparison swatches over at manigeek.